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When you choose Cliniva, you're choosing right. We understand that your needs may change from one project to another and that no one model can fit. You select the services you need and the contract model that fits your company, your projects, and your budget. Cliniva will partner with you through this process in order to develop a model which offers the best clinical trials outsourcing or insourcing solution for your specific needs

Insourcing/Straight Placement Staffing

We provide highly experienced staff that integrates with your own workforce and are managed by your team. That means you temporarily increase staff capacity while maintaining oversight and control.

Functional outsourcing

We provide statistical outsourcing across multiple projects. Systems and processes can originate from either you or us. This approach provides continuity that can produce enhanced quality and efficiencies.

Whatever your model, whatever your needs, short term or long Cliniva can assist your programming teams, get in touch today at