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Cliniva is a distinguished Data Service Provider that specializes in delivering exceptional statistical consulting, data review, and programming services. Our expertise lies in offering highly skilled consultants or effectively managing and executing in-house projects. We cater to pharmaceutical companies and CROs seeking external contract resources to fulfill their requirements.

By analyzing and curating precise and FDA-compliant datasets from patients participating in clinical trials, Cliniva positively impacts the lives of millions of individuals worldwide. Our team of adept programmers, well-versed in clinical data, diligently works to support our clients.

For your projects, Cliniva provides seasoned SAS programmers who excel in generating clinical SDTM datasets. Whether you require occasional assistance or a dedicated resource, Cliniva is well-equipped to meet your needs.

At Cliniva, our programmers possess decades of experience in SAS and clinical programming. Irrespective of the size or complexity of your task, Cliniva is committed to providing assistance. We adapt to your requirements, allowing our programmers to operate on our servers and deliver data to you, or alternatively, integrate our programmers into your existing infrastructure using your laptops and servers. The choice is yours, as Cliniva prioritizes flexibility to ensure your satisfaction.