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One of the major challenges currently facing SDTM programming teams is maintaining consistency in the remapping of original values to controlled terminology. The prevalent approach involves programmers adding an IF statement for each mapping, which makes it difficult to ensure consistency across projects.

To address this issue, we have developed the CT-DB application. This tool, available for purchase by CROs and pharmaceutical companies, enables efficient tracking and maintenance of remapping processes.

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🚨 STOP: Are you still manually archiving your delivery files?!!

📂 This will result in missing files, inconsistencies across projects, and worse, including the wrong client files in your delivery because you copied from another project. 😱

The Cliniva Archiver Tool is available now! ✨

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SDTM Auditor

You need to know what changed from one SDTM delivery to another, finding what has is difficult and time consuming. No more, with the Cliniva SDTM Auditor you can get all the juicy details.

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aCRF Bookmarker

Our aCRF Bookmarker will allow you to generate the required by 'Visit' and by 'Form' bookmarks for your annotated CRF.

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aCRF RGB Checker

Our aCRF RGB Checker will allow you to scan your entire aCRF for incorrect RGB codes based om SDTM MSG 2.0 Guidelines.

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CRF Designer

Our CRF Designer will let you build mock CRF forms for use while building out your standards library.

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Special ©har Finder

This tool is a free download from Cliniva. It will allow you to scan an entire library of SAS datasets for special characters and will produce a report per file, per variable per instance of the offending characters. It will even show you their ASCII codes so that you can take action.

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MD5 Checker

This tool will allow you to visually verify the sum file provided by your vendor against the calculated sum on your end. As shown in the screenshot, any discrepancies are immediately obvious. An Excel report is also generated if you need to share it.

But that's not all! If you need to create an md5sum for your files, the app can handle that too. It's a dual-purpose tool designed to streamline your file verification process. 

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